How To Block Most Adverts

Host blocker is a windows program, that allows you to block anoying adverts on all browsers by applying a patch to the hosts file.

if you have already edited your host file to block updates and patches. No problem because Host Blocker adds lines to your host file instead of replacing it. so all your edits will still be there.

Host Blocker makes a backup of your existing host file so that you can easily revert the changes ata later stage.


When Upgrading to a newer version please click the remove Host Blocker button before installing the update.

You can also install and remove Host Blocker threw command prompt using the following peramiters.

NOTE!!!! Most websites generate an income from adverts. Installing this adblocker or any other software that blocks ads will directly effect the owner of the websites income. if you decide to install a adblocker try to give back to the community. Just remember that adverts may be the only way the website stays online.

hostblocker.exe silentĀ  – this will install host blocker silently

hostblocker.exe removeĀ  – this will remove host blocker silently



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